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Printing Department

Printing Department image
Hamana Co., Ltd, which started as a printing process company, has a system that can speedily respond from plate making to printing and manufacturing, eliminating wasteful costs, and thus provide savings to customers.
Each department is a specialist in its field but the whole works generally to create products that truly meet our customers needs.

On-demand Printing

On-demand Printing image
We want to print only the number you need, when you request it. Even in small lots we want to provide high quality.
Furthermore, on-demand printing can satisfy needs such as a shorter delivery date and reducing the price.

Plate making, CTP (Computer to Plate) output

Printing / CTP output image
You can submit complete brought-in data, as well as submitting QuarkXpress, Illustrator and Photoshop data.
We were quickly to introduce CTP (Computer to Plate)
CTP allows the creating of the printing press plate directly from the data, making it possible to cut costs and shorten throughput time. Please try our Completely digitized, High precision, High quality printing.

Binding paperwork

Binding paperwork image
In-house production of bookbinding equipment required for product catalogs, pamphlets and various booklets is possible. By being able to the binding and stitching and such in-line, “Short delivery” and “low cost” required by our customers can be realized.
Also, our company will manage until delivery of goods the quality control skillfully to prevent Information leakage


Inkjet image
Outdoor advertisements such as hanging curtains, storefront sign displays, posters, store standing flags, stickers, etc. are produced custom-made making full use of our large format inkjet printing machines.
One data is created from the original design it is also possible to output from the complete data.