Pallet BandingCO2 reduction! A packing material substitute.

What is Pallet Banding?

Stretch foil
Stretch foil has been widely used as a measure to prevent collapse of pallets during transport.
However, from the viewpoint of environmental consideration and garbage disposal matter and such, recently it was requested to collect the film at the time of unloading the goods, companies that acquired ISO 14001 are aiming to reduce the amount used.
Pallet banding, in response to changes in the distribution system in recent years based on the viewpoint of environmental conservation, the change to the new logistics method Pallet banding has reduced logistics costs.
Pallet banding is environmentally friendly packing material for global warming prevention.
Regarding environmental conservation, resource saving, energy saving in logistics, the environmental pollution and reuse of industrial waste, the pile-up is a problem when thinking of transferring to several recycle types.
Under these circumstances, we will proactively work on this problem positively, we would like to propose to use Pallet banding as a substitute packing product, and that it will be useful for your company's environmental conservation and add a logistics cost reduction.

Pallet banding characteristics

Ecology Measures

“Palette banding” can be used repeatedly, it does not generate waste after use, like stretch film. Therefore, there is no need to worry about destroying the environment from CO2 emissions due to incineration.


The general type uses 100% polyester material which is less likely to generate static electricity. It is also a material that can withstand -60 ℃, so it can be used in a freezer. It also supports transportation of highly breathable products with dew condensation such as fresh foods.

Working Efficiency Improvement

In the case of stretch film, it was necessary to wind several times per pallet by hand, but with “palette banding” it is done in just one winding. Moreover, because the used film does not need to be collected, work time can be shortened and work efficiency can be improved. Elderly people and women can be easily attached it by themselves.

Cost Reduction

“Palette banding” can be used repeatedly more than 1000 times. There is no used film like with stretch film, so you can drastically reduce waste disposal costs.