Hamana's ProductsWith Hamana's proven production track record and wealth of experience, we can provide creative back up strategies.

Company Profile

Many companies have homepages these days, whether it is for sales or recruitment, the Internet has become an important information gathering source for customers and job seekers.
After gathering information on the internet, the next action is to really approach to the company you are interested in. An easy to grasp and easy to understand “About us” section with a strong presence is key in this.
It must be the company's vision, business, future potential, and, above all, a “corporate alter ego” that can convey the “values of the company”.

Website creation/update

We create homepages from the ground up for those who do not have a homepage, we also provide website updates, add pages and partial modifications.
At Hamana, we propose a website that combines high quality design with usability.


Our company implements a consistent production line from planning, designing, to installation, when producing signs, billboards, displays, etc.!
Also, our company provides Sign/Billboard Display project design and construction/maintenance.


First of all, we clearly define the subject and purpose of the pamphlet, to whom it is targeted and what kind of effect you want to achieve.
Targeting general consumers, new business partners, job seekers, etc. The purpose is direct response, sales assistance, business explanation etc.
At our company we listen to our clients and select from their ideas the information that needs to be posted.


After we reviewed the content according to the promotial material design, we start production.
Among them, we analyze what value the product will provide to each client, we also will create sales promotion concepts and create flyers and leaflets with high cost performance.

Direct Mail postcards

In advertisements such as traditional Direct Mail and leaflets, usually called “mass marketing”, there are many cases where the same message is conveyed to an unspecified majority.
At our company, in comparison to accumulating clients information, by using clients information to find out what kind of DM to send to customers, to see whether customers' willingness to purchase will increase.


We consider sizes A1 from B3 it as “Poster printing” sizes.
We offer the following paper types gloss 90kg~135kg thickness and matt coated 90kg~135kg thickness
You can use these posters for such things as exhibitions, events, performances, seminars, recruiting, sales, etc,.
Choosing one side printing of coated paper, you can also select “next day shipping” up to A1 size.